About A/Prof Nada Hamad

A/Prof Nada Hamad is a senior staff specialist in bone marrow transplant, cellular therapies, clinical and laboratory haematologist at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, where she is also director of the haematology clinical trials unit. She is Chair of the ACI NSW BMT network and Chair of ALLG BMTCT working group. She also has a number of international leadership positions including membership of the WHO BMT quality taskforce. Dr Hamad studied Medicine at the University of Sydney and completed her Haematology training in Sydney. Prior to her career in medicine, she completed a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Forensics, working in this field for a short period of time. She completed two post-graduate fellowships in BMT and lymphoma at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto Canada through the University of Toronto. She has a strong interest in clinical trials and has a specialist certificate in Clinical Research (Oncology) from the University of Melbourne. Her clinical research interests are in malignant haematology and bone marrow transplantation. She is an intersectional feminist and a strong advocate for gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in medicine. She is the deputy chair of the gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in medicine committee at the University of NSW in Australia.

Bulletin #2: Practical suggestions for BMT programmes dealing with COVID-19

Since the first bulletin was circulated on 09 March 2020, there have been a number of important developments in relation to the COVID-19 situation worldwide.

As of 14 March 2020, time:matters, the courier service used for the majority of overseas transport of unrelated donor products, continue to accept requests for all areas apart from mainland China, Israel, and Northern Italy (1). However, significant challenges are anticipated due to developing travel restrictions. Transport of cryopreserved products (cord blood units, CAR-T cells) continues as usual via unaccompanied dry shippers.

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Bulletin #1 : Practical suggestions for BMT programmes dealing with COVID-19

There is emerging evidence that COVID-19 severity and mortality is higher in patients with cancer (1, 2). In the likely scenario of community spread of COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand, BMT programmes need to consider ways to reduce risks to patients and staff. The intention of this document is to summarise recommendations from national and international sources for BMT programmes, and to compile suggestions from the ANZ BMT community for local practices. Heads of BMT programmes in the region have reviewed and contributed to the suggestions below.

To date, recommendations have been circulated from WBMT, WMDA, EBMT and ABMDR regarding donors and recipients of HPC. These are summarised in the Table. The WMDA share site (share.wmda.info) has the most detailed information regarding donors and impact on registry operations.

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